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Qatar Airways Deals – New Year Campaign 2016/2017


Choose your Departure Country to Any location in the world! Campaign is already live 6 December – 13 December 2016 New year deals EN = English AR = Arabic FR= French FA = Farsi Bahrain  ( English ) Bahrain ( Arabic ) Iran (FA) Iran (EN) Iraq (EN) Iraq (AR) Jordan (EN) Jordan (AR) Kuwait (EN) Kuwait (AR) Lebanon (EN) …

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Danby Beverage Center Cooler Review – Fridge ideal for storing your drinks


Hey, everyone! I want to review a beverage fridge It's a Danby brand I had an old fridge before, but it was like an actual small refrigerator, but this one is different, it is labelled a "beverage cooler" specifically for drinks (alcoholic or soft drinks), wine bottles, water, soda, etc.… Danby Beverage Center Cooler Review – Fridge ideal for storing …

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What causes Knee & Joint Pain – What you should know Arthritis

Joint and knee problem and causes

Knees and joint pains are very common in the age group above 50 years old. The greatest cause of visits to the GP for musculoskeletal problems – problem knees. And again, like the other parts of the body, a lot to do with muscle dysfunction. In this instance in a different way, with the muscles of the thigh getting weaker …

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Oman National Day 2016 – 18 November Independence Guides & Attraction

The front of the Sultan's Palace.

Omani Nationals celebrate their national day on 18 November. Oman capital city is Muscat and its largest city of all with the population over seven hundred thousand out of total population of over 425,000 +. Sultan Qaboos bin said Al Said led the country since 1970, also known as Sultan of Oman. He celebrates his birthday on 19th November. So Omani …

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